Mining Prospecting Division


We are specialists in designing mining prospecting campaigns anywhere in the world. Specialized in strategic metals (Gold, Copper, Zinc).

Support studies:

  • Geological, geophysical and geochemical studies for mining prospecting campaigns. Our specialty is in metallic minerals.
  • Topographical studies.
  • Studies of soil contamination in cases of Mining.
  • Hydrogeological studies applied in mining.
  • Design of field campaigns especially of barite and siliceous sand.
  • Assessment of metallic mineral deposits.
  • Assessment of mining rights (due diligence) and technical reports.

Our services:

  1. Design and supervision of exploration projects.
  2. Asset evaluation and rating of the mining industry.
  3. Estimation and audit of mineral resources and reserves.
  4. Technical evaluation of mining facilities and projects in execution.
  5. Technical reports and mining hydrogeology.